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Amazon Juma Jungle Lodge
Come experience a real and unique trip in the unexplored Amazon Rainforest. Juma Lodge is located in a very preserved part of Amazon forest.

Amazon Juma Jungle Lodge

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The Amazon Juma Jungle Lodge was planned to be a fully integrated jungle hotel. Its construction and operation obey and respect the limitations of the environment which is ultimately its reason for existing. All the materials used in the construction of the hotel, abundant in the region, were carefully drawn from the forest itself. Timber such as angelim, itaúba, aquariquara, tintarana and jacareúba are used on walls, walkways and stilts, while babassu leaves cover in the same process used by forest populations in their homes. This careful extraction avoids the introduction of extraneous elements into the jungle.

The hotel was built on dry land on stilts. This procedure is necessary to meet the flood times of rivers where the water level can rise up to 15 meters. The Juma Amazon Lodge has only 20 cabins, with its construction totally integrated to the Amazon Rainforest.

Despite environmental concerns, the Juma Amazon Lodge offers great features for a jungle hotel with eight cabanas overlooking the forest and twelve to the lake. All with balcony, hammock, fan and private bathroom.

The restaurant, specializing in both local and international cuisine, has a breathtaking view of the lake. The communion of the hotel with nature is crowned by the constant presence of monkeys, macaws and toucans.

At the reception, located in front of a deck overlooking the lake, the Juma has a small bar, some games (cards, backgammon, chess, etc.), Amazon books, painting materials and a professional observation telescope for watch the moon and the stars.

The beachfront restaurant (space with several hammocks) is an excellent option for rest after meals and nature tours.

For the familiarization with the environment and wildlife observation, walks are made through the igarapés (in the dry season of the river) or through the igapós (in the season of the flood). There are several activities developed around the Lodge, all closely linked to nature.

Among the main nature activities are: river bath, canoe trips with and without motor, walks through the forest, fluvial focus of alligators, visit to a caboclo's house, piranhas fishing, stroll through the water, visit to the Flutante Pirarucu, nocturnal walk in the forest, handicraft class, climbing in trees, overnight in the forest sports fishing of the tucunaré, etc.

Juma Amazon Lodge is a really good option of accommodation in Amazon Forest. It is located in a remote area where you cannot arrive with a local guide/driver. Come enjoy a real and unique experience in the unexplored Amazon Rainforest with our tour operator.

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Location Amazon Juma Jungle Lodge

From the meeting of the Solimões and Negro rivers, the Amazon River forms and a few kilometers from this encounter, on the banks of the Rio Negro, is the city of Manaus, the state capital. Amzon Juma Jungle Lodge is located 100 km southeast of Manaus, in a remote area, in a totally preserved area of 7 thousand hectares.

Access to Amazon Juma Jungle Lodge

From Manaus there are two options to get to Juma:

A - Regular Transfer (land and river) around 3 hours

- Excerpt 1: Departing from the Port of Ceasa in Manaus to Vila do Careiro - fast boat. During this stretch the boat passes through the Water Meeting and the Pirarucu Float (60 minutes).

- Excerpt 2: Vila do Careiro up to the Maçarico River - chartered vehicle (BR319 Manaus - Porto Velho Highway). This stretch is already the beginning of the Amazonian experience (60 minutes).

- Excerpt 3: Rio Maçarico to the Juma Amazon Lodge - speedboat. First more intimate contact with the forest, passing through holes and streams (60 minutes).

B - Special Transfer (air): Seaplane that leaves the port of the Tropical with a duration of 30 minutes.

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Amazon Juma Jungle Lodge

Amazon Tour Juma Jungle Lodge - 03 nights / 04 daysAmazon Tour Juma Jungle Lodge - 03 nights / 04 days

Juma Jungle Lodge is located in very romote area in the Amazon forest where it´s possible have a real jungle experience!

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Amazon Juma Jungle Lodge

Come experience a real and unique trip in the unex Amazon Tour Juma Jungle Lodge - 03 nights / 04 days Amazon Juma Jungle Lodge

Amazon Juma Jungle Lodge

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