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The Company – Who we are

The Company – Who we are

The Eco Adventures Travel is located in the city of Campo Grande, capital of Souther Mato Grosso state – Central West Region of Brazil. We are a brazilian tour operator specialist in Pantanal, Bonito and adventure tours in all Brazil.

Our differential is providing personalized service with quality, fair prices and environmental responsibility.

The main objective of the company is to develop nature tours, cultural and nature trips for people interested in travel alone, with the family, friends or even though in groups. We work out to offer you sustainable tours and services with good quality and honest prices, providing emotions through nature and the interactivity between man and the environment, as well help in the preservation of the local cultures and nature on the visited sites.

Currently we are a tour operator specializing in nature trips and one of the few that offer customized itineraries of adventure to the Pantanal wetland. We have all the camping structure and bring our customers the most isolated spots outside the traditional circuit tours offered by other companies! This guarantees high chances of observing animals and unforgettable experiences in the Pantanal wetlands.

Another detail about our company that sets us apart from other companies is our director participate directly in the customer service and whenever possible he is being the guide during the trips. With that, we know very well what we are selling and we can assure you that you will get what we are offering.

Main offered services by Eco Adventures Travel:

  • Receptive of Brazilian and foreign tourists at the bus station and airport of Campo Grande.
  • We organize transfers with public and private transport.
  • Location of vehicles (rent a car).
  • Reserves of terrestrial and aerial tickets.
  • Reserves of hotels, pousadas, hostels, hostel, tours and etc.
  • Development of ecological, cultural and nature trips inside of Brazil.
  • Development of special tours: Pantanal birdwatching, Bonito diving, trekking, horse riding, nature photograph, etc.
  • We also assist / support national and international travel agencies / tour operators that organize eco-trips to Pantanal Wetlands and Bonito.

Thinking to guarantee the sustainable development of the destinations and the receiving communities, the Eco Adventures travel works with partners (hotels, hotel-farm, hostels, natural attractive, tours, transport’s companies and guides) that are compromised with the sustainable development of it localities and also are worried with the preservation of the nature and its culture.

The company believes that developing the sustainable tourism it will be helping to preserve the natural and cultural patrimonies of the tourist destinations in Brazil / other countries and also assuring that the future generations also know the destinations.

Due to professionalism, quality of products / services and good prices Eco Adventures Travel is growing and standing out more and more in the travel and tourism segment in Souther Mato Grosso and Brazil.

Our Philosophy

Eco Adventures Travel seeks to provide quality products and services at a fair price. Doing this we guarantee to our customers the chance to experience new things in their travels and help in the conservation of nature and local cultures visited.

Recent studies have shown that tourism can have positive and negative impacts on nature and local communities that welcome visitors. Sometimes the damage caused by the practice of unregulated tourism may be irreversible and end the nature and culture of a destination, as well as reducing the source of income of an entire community.

In order to ensure the sustainability of destinations and host communities, our company seeks to work in partnership only with hotels, farm hotels, hostels, natural attractions, tours, transport companies and local committed guides to sustainable development of their localities and concerned with the preservation of nature and culture.

We believe that in this way, we help to preserve natural and cultural heritage of tourist destinations and hence ensure that future generations can also meet them and have new experiences.


Located in the city of Campo Grande, the capital of Souther Mato Grosso, Eco Adventures Travel was established in 2004 by 02 friends (Alisson R. Buzinhani and Vinicius Leonardo Doblack) that since children were already involved with tourism in Souther Mato Grosso state, according to their families are, for over 15 years, the owners of hotels in the Pantanal and Bonito.

In order to strengthen the business of Passo do Lontra Parque Hotel (Alisson) and Pousada Muito Bonito (Vinicius), got together and founded the Eco Adventures Travel. Initially the main goal of the agency was to hold the receptive (airport / bus station in Campo Grande) customers of both hotels, since the capital is the gateway to Brazilian and foreign tourists who want to visit the Pantanal and Bonito.

With increased movement and customers seeking other types of tourist program in 2005 we legalize the business with public agencies, and then started offering travel routes to other locations.

The partnership in the Agency only lasted 01 years as Vinicius moved from Campo Grande. Since then, the company has to be administered only by one of the partners (Alisson) who decided to risk and expand the company's activities. In addition to the Brazilian tourists, the agency began to serve foreign tourists and assist travel agencies from other states and international companies that organize nature trips the Pantanal and Bonito destinations.

Since the establishment of Eco Adventures Travel we always had in mind perform quality work and that could serve all kinds of people, from those who do not have much money and do not care much about luxury, as those who want more comfort and refinement. So over the years we have been creating and strengthening partnerships with all kinds of hotels farms, hostels / hotels and camping. Of course, our partnerships are only with suppliers that have a minimum quality and are really concerned about the preservation of nature, as we have the conservation of the environment a very important point within our philosophy.

Listening to the needs of our customers, friends and our director (nature lover) we developed 02 fully customized tour programs to the Pantanal Wetlands! Are programs for those who really want adventure and have a different experience in nature. We set up a different tour than all other agencies / operators offer! Are itinerant camps in the Pantanal Wetland where each night the camp is mounted in a different location. These trips there is no bathroom, electricity and comfort, however, the adventure and observation of nature as it really is, are guaranteed. Another key point is that the groups are small and in most cases are unique, there are no other tourists except those who are traveling together.

Currently we are one of the companies in Souther Mato Grosso more specialized in nature tours and we owe it to our friends and customers who always tell us what would be nice to include in our travel itineraries.

Already is our thanks to our employees, suppliers, drivers, local guides, interpreters and all those who in some way helped us get where we are today. A special thanks to all our customers, without them we would not be here today and would keep us in the tourism sector for over 10 years!

General information

CNPJ: 07.533.294/0001-66
Junta Comercial: 54200844126 – 12/08/2005
Embratur: 12.011289.10.0001-6
Adress: Rua Apiacas, 313 - Vila Rica
Campo Grande / MS - Cep: 79.022-250
Tel/Fax: +55 (67) 3356.4138
Cel: +55 (67) 9902.2073 / (67) 9902.2076
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Bachelor in Tourism and Hotel Management at the University of Vale do Itajaí (UNIVALI) - Camboriú / SC. Specialist in Tourism and Environment at the Catholic University Dom Bosco (UCDB) - Campo Grande / MS. Monograph: The ECOTURISMO USE AS A TOOL FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT COMMUNITY OF PASSO DO LONTRA – PANTANAL WETLAND PARK ROAD – SOUTHER MATO GROSSO.

He worked 03 years in Passo do Lontra Parque Hotel / São João Farm helping to develop and install Ecological tourism / Ecotourism in the business that until that time worked only with fishing tours. Also introduced at the hotel the service to foreign visitors and foreign tour operators.

Currently in addition to coordinating the work of Eco Adventures Travel he also carries the naturalist guide work in the Pantanal Wetland and Bonito region, since he has a passion for nature and photography, his great hobby.

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