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Paraná Brazil

Tour Ilha do Mel/ Paraná
Ilha do Mel (Honey Island) is a perfect place to relax around nature and and enjoy deserted beaches!

Tour Ilha do Mel/ Paraná

At Ilha do Mel (honey island) there are four main villages: Nova Brasília, Farol and Forte, Vila das Encantadas and Prainhas in the south. The infrastructure of the Island has electric light and piped water from the source. There is a health service to attend the population, located in the village of Nova Brasília and two schools, aimed at basic literacy.

Access to the Island is by boat, through the Balneário de Pontal do Sul (approximately half hour) or the municipality of Paranaguá, a longer route, which takes about an hour and a half with a slower boat. There are boats for both the southern part - denominated "Prainhas" or "Encantadas" as for the part called generically "Brasília".

Located between a complex of state and federal parks, Ilha do Mel has been transformed into an ecological station by UNESCO and is currently a Nattural State Park aiming at the preservation of its riches and unique natural beauties.

Its unique landscape provides unforgettable tours for its beaches, coastlines, trails, forests, hills, mangroves and nearby islands. Not to mention the historical monuments and the various options of leisure and sports being surfing, bodyboarding, trekking, canoeing, sailing, sport fishing and even practiced paragliding.

Location Ilha do Mel

Located in the north of the coast of the State of Paraná, at the entrance of the Bay of Paranaguá. There are 2,762 hectares of preserved forest and a total perimeter of 35 km, formed mainly by beaches and some mangroves. The island is shaped like a large eight (poorly drawn), dividing into two well-defined areas (south and north) linked by a narrow sandy strip.

Access to Ilha do Mel

By car from Curitiba to Pontal do Sul + boat from Pontal do Sul to the Island. It is also possible to take the boat in the city of Paranaguá. It´s possile combine a train trip over the Atlantic forest until Morretes and from there take a boat to the Honey Island.

Travel tips

The tour packages to Ilha do Mel must be booked in advance in High Season period.

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