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Best Ecotourism destination in Brazil

Best Ecotourism destination in Brazil

Bonito-MS had its foundation in 1948 and it is located over 300 km from Campo Grande, capital of Mato Grosso do Sul (southern Mato Grosso). It is a small city, with around 20.000 habitants and an economy based on the cattle farms, agriculture and the ecotourism, today considered the best ecotourism destination in the world.

In the region there are hundreds of waterfalls, crystalline water lakes and rivers, more than 80 caves - flooded droughts and grottos, rocky walls, infinity of fish and other wild animals. The water of the rivers in Bonito is very rich in calcium and magnesium; that chemical concentration is the reason why all rivers are transparent. The best of everything is that the access to all this exuberances is far of being complicated.

The tourism in Bonito is very organized and controlled, there are a maximum number of people that can visit the attracations every day. The tourist attractions are in private and estate properties, most of them are Private Reserves of Natural Heritage which in Portuguese is named as Reservas Particulares de Patrimonio Natural (RPPN) and has the permission for Brazilians and foreigners tour around totally preserved areas.

Another key to the success of sustainable tourism in Bonito is the maximum number of people per day on each tour. That's right, each attraction / ride has a maximum number of people that can receive per day and that number varies from attraction to attraction, according to the environmental study previously done. Throughout the year the tours are monitored and it is possible to make an assessment of the impact of the tourist activity on the environment and consequently increase or decrease the number of visitors of each tour.

In November 2013, the city of Bonito received the award of the best sustainable tourism destination in the world. The awards ceremony was in London during the World Travel Market (WTM), considered one of the biggest fairs of the tourism industry in Europe.

We from Eco Adventures Travel are organizing trips and tour packages to Bonito-Brazil a long of 13 years and we can book the best tours for you in the region.
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